Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another DC Trip

Hayley and her friend Kevin came to visit over Thanksgiving. (sorry for the blurry pix, but it's the only one with both Kevin and Hayley that I can find) I'm still marveling at the energy those two had. We did A TON of stuff and yet Brad and I still haven't seen all the stuff in DC. I think we've spent 7 days there already. So if any of you plan a trip, pick and choose what you really want to see, between traffic, crowds, and sheer number of monuments, memorials, bureaus, and Smithsonian's you just can't do it all.

We re-visited the capital. Kaci was awake for it this time so it was fun to show her everything. Packing an awake baby is so much easier than a sleeping one.

Kaci has an awesome "wow" face! She loved the huge chandelier and the flowers that are carved into the dome. She pointed them out to us and did her baby sign for flower. She's really good at pointing.

She also loved sitting on all the benches and on the stair. She's really into sitting on stuff lately.


newsinaminute said...

Hi --wow looks like a lot of fun
you are impressed with Hayley and Kevin's energy and I am impressed with your energy--that is not fot the weak to run around D.C. Just glad that there is lots to see there
so hopefully you won't be sick of trips to D.c but the time we make our way back to visit ya--(don't know when that will be? but for sure dad and I will come together some time. lotsa love--
PS kerri you look so fab tab!!
so thin! in the pics --all that swimming and eating right pays off! (: I will try to follow your lead----

zealandrocks said...

holy cow KERRI you are skinny!!! can you pass some of your skinniness to me please!! how come i'm the fat sister?! that just doesn't seem fair! =]

Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

hey I remember that shirt. looks cute on her! sounds like fun. I hope i can go to dc some day. you guys look mighty cold in that pic with the bell... glad I'm living here at the moment!! :)