Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grand Caverns

The lighting makes these pictures look kinda creepy, but it looked so cool in person!

"The Big Read" this year is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Our library gave out free copies, held a big ol' bbq, had a family night at the children's museum, and did a reading inside a local cave. Grand Caverns costs $16 to get into, but we got to see it for free because of the Big Read. I am all over the FREE things to do here. We showed up 30 minutes early because only the first 50 got in free. Turns out we showed up not only first, but in time to help the kids acting haul all their garb up the hill to the cave. The kids were a bunch of middle school aged boys and when they got to the cave entrance Brad said he was going to wait til the show to go in and the boys told him he was just too scared to go in. Ya gotta love little boys! Obviously Brad (a grown man) wasn't afraid of the going into the cave, he was trying to be nice to me. I had never been in one before and he knew I'd be jealous if got in before me. I was thoroughly amazed. Way cool to see stalagmites and stalactites in person.

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zealandrocks said...

could you guys have picked a cooler place to go??!?!? thats so cool that you got to go to a CAVE and read a book! FOR FREE! man thats sooooo fun!