Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poo Poo in the Potty

Kaci went poop in her potty! The week has been filled with historical moments! First Obama and now this! I am so excited about it. Brad and I made a big deal, clapped and cheered like crazy. She thought it was great. We let her take a few victory laps around the house naked. She ran around like crazy, then she spotted Brad's text book, stood on it like it was a platform, looked at us like she was about to make a speech, and then peed all over it! I guess we know what she thinks about Brad going to school all day. I cloroxed it, put her in a diaper and just laughed.

I laughed even harder when later that day I went to the restroom and Kaci cheered for me when I was all done. Apparently she is very proud of me for using the potty. I hope all this is going to add up to her being potty trained by 18 months. It's my goal, and I totally think we can do it. I've already made so much progress. Maybe it'll be like brushing her teeth. At first it was all fun, I gave her a tooth brush when she didn't even have teeth. Then she resisted a lil bit when she got two. But now she asks to brush her teeth with a baby sign 2-3 times a day. I give 'em a good brushing and she spits, and then she brushes 'em and spits. They say it's all about adjusting to new stuff and starting early, so far, I'm a believer!


zealandrocks said...

AWWW i'm so happy for her!! thats funny that she cheers for you. at least she understands its a good thing!

Cierra said...

hahaha i love that she peed on brad's book! maybe i should take her lead and do that to alfredo's books so he will be forced to stop studying and come play with me!