Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kaci's Sandbox

Craigslist came through for us again! A lady was giving away 10 buckets of play sand. So I drove out and got it so I could make Kaci a sandbox. I have way more sand than I could ever need, but I just knew she would love it and she does. When the sun comes out we rush outside and play until we're frozen. Then we come back inside and get warm. It's great to have something just outside my door to do when I just can't be inside for one more second! There's a darling little 3 year old that plays with Kaci and she about died when we got the sand. She comes over everyday and asks if Kaci can play now!

I guess it's time to teach Kaci that we just "don't do crack" in our family.


zealandrocks said...

what are you talking?!? doing crack is the cool thing to do! ;-]

thats exciting that she has her own sandbox!!

Hayley said...

she is going to hate you when she gets older for that one lol! all of your new posts were great! love to see them!