Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Okay, I realize this post is extremely late as our decorations have been up for almost a month now, but I worked so hard on my decorations I HAVE to post about them! I splurged and bought a fake tree... $15! I love it. It's bushy and not at all pathetic like a lot of fake trees (asthma, "no can do" that pine scent). With our tight budget the tree pretty much took all our play money. So I went through my house trying to find a way to make some ornaments. I found some sand, some cat eyes (little shells from North Shore), and some juice from concentrate tops. I set to work and came up with some half way decent ornaments. Then I spent a dollar and bought some glass rocks and glued a string to those for ornaments. I also found a couple of shell leis, I tied those together and made a "way too small" garland for the tree. I used Brad's lei from graduation as the tree topper.

With my home made ornaments ready to go I set out to make stockings. My favorite thing about Christmas morning is the stocking. My mom goes nuts with these. Every year they are different and can knock you socks off. I love waking up to see what she came up with. In memory of that, I made surfboard stockings. I gathered up all my fabric scraps and an old aloha shirt and some cardboard and tadaa-surfboard stockings. I wondered if anyone would know they were surfboards, but everyone can identify them -whew! They are always shocked when I tell them they are stockings, not just a tree decoration. They aren't big, but neither is the bag full of goodies Santa is bringing to our house, so they'll work!

A special thanks to my mom and Katy's grandma-in-law for the lights, garland, and wreath! Couldn't have done it with out you! Quick litte ditty about the garland... my mom always put up a lighted garland in the front room. I loved it! We always said it wasn't Christmas with out the garland (she hated putting it up and I do now too). I wanted a garland so bad but just couldn't afford it. It's Christmas so I just kept wishing for one and then my friends grandma-in-law decided to give away all her Christmas decorations and let me have first dibs. I not only got a garland, but icicle lights, a wreath, a cute little snowman wall hanging, and colored lights for my room on a white garland! My little apartment is decked out and I LOVE IT!

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