Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks Nicole!

These are pictures from Nicole and Ian's wedding last May. Thanks for sharing them with us Nicole. Kaci has grown so much in the past months. Holy Cow, she used to be so much little-er.


Cierra said...

that picture of you kissing her is precious. you seem like the most calm, patient, loving mother kerri! kaci is a lucky duck. :)

Brianne said...

Those are super cute pics that were taken at the wedding. I know isn't it crazy how you wake up and kaci is almost 17 months!??! AHHH!! thats what I think about both of my kiddies. Hunter is finally starting to talk now!! I can't believe it.

newsinaminute said...

She surely is growing up fast
that is so cute how the lighting is in the pics--you are a darling family--and your are both so darling with Kaci--we love and miss ya