Friday, February 6, 2009

Chili Cookoff and Pinewood Derby

Our church held a Chili Cook off/Pinewood Derby on Friday. The scouts invited everyone to make a car to race after their competition. We made a car for it. A surfboard to be exact with Nephi as the surfer. We had a lot of fun whittling a chunk of wood all week. It takes a super long time to do something like that. We laughed about the scene in Surf's Up when Z teaches Kody how to make a surf board out of a piece of Koa wood. If you have the movie you should cue it up, so funny.
"You find the board in the wood" -Big Z
"Long easy strokes with finesse, with the grain, with the grain" -Big Z
"I have no finesse when you're in my face man!" -Kody

We laughed and laughed. Good times. We spent like 5 hours making our car. It was totally worth it, we won "Most Original" at the Derby, but our car was super slow because it weighed practically nothing.

It was our first EVER chili cook off and it was everything we had imagined. A like twenty different chili's to try. Spicey, sweet, tons of meat, little meat, pork, hamburger, chuck roast, veggies. It was wonderful. We loved it!


Erik and Kellie Anderson said...

How fun! I love your Pinewood Derby it is very Creative!

Brianne said...

I love that Nephi is surfing! haha! I'm glad we got you guys the surfs up movie to laugh about along with your pinewood derby making experience! That is a hilarious show :) The chili cookoff looks soooooo yummy! What a fun activity at the church!

Cierra said...

The best part?


Yessss! You guys are the bomb! Oh Kerri, how I think back on our surfing days where we chanted Hawaiian songs in the ocean with such fondness.

newsinaminute said...

so like you two to have fun in the process and to make something cute and original like that--so fun
glad you posted it--brad told me that you were making it one night when I was on the phone with him--and then told me a little about it afterward--I laughed then and now-
never dreamed it would be that cute
way to go