Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie

I mentioned we've been missing Hawaii. Of course that means we've been craving Ted's Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie. I've been making them from scratch since we left, but I hadn't made one that was comparable til this weekend. It was so similar that Brad wanted to tell ol' Ted (from Ted's Bakery) to "shove it". As we ate it out of the tin (like we always used to do on the beach with those plastic forks) we considered sprinking some of my jarred Sunset beach sand on it to get the truly authentic taste, but we didn't because we remembered that we actually didn't like that gritty sensation amongst the creamy deliciousness of the pie, go figure.

Here's the recipe if you want to make one, which you should because it is amazing. **Caution: this pie packs a ton of calories, please exercise accordingly, we used to surf**

I bought a pie crust and baked it (we were moving) and it was fine, but it wasn't flakey enough. (I've tried graham in the past and it was too sweet, I have a pie crust recipe I want to try and in my new apartment I'll actually have the counter space to roll one out!) Once it was cooled, I made the fillings:

Chocolate Filling:
I just used a box of chocolate pudding and used a smitch less milk (I used whole, it makes the pudding thicker). Pour into pie and refrigerate while ya make the haupia to go on top. (I used only 3/4 of the pudding so my pie wouldn't over flow, you want equal amounts of haupia and chocolate plus ya need space for a whipped topping, so don't put in too much)

Haupia Filling:
1/2 can coconut milk
1/2 cup milk (I used whole for the rich flavor)
1/2 cup sugar
combine in sauce pan, whisk and heat to a boil
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water
Dissolve cornstarch into the water. If it sits for too long, it'll harden and you'll have to stir forever again, so keep it moving and whisk it into the boiling mixture, stir and simmer til thick. Let cool a little bit, maybe 5 minutes, then pour it on top of the chocolate layer. Place pie in fridge and let cool for a few hours. Then top it with some whipped cream, a good solid layer, don't skimp!

Obviously it would be easy to double the recipe and make two pies, I highly recommend this because one is never enough and you won't want to share! But again, I must caution you to exercise vigorously if you are going to make this pie. VIGOROUSLY!

If you have an amazingly delicious homemade chocolate pudding that firms up well in a pie, please share. I have yet to make one that works in this pie.

We also cranked out another double batch of the Call Family's chocolate chip cookies for all the people who were coming to help us move. 90 cookies and they were a crowd pleaser as always!
I have to say that this picture turned out great! I was shocked that I took a decent picture!


Hebbie said...

i'm so glad you posted this recipe. I can not wait to make it.
yum yum yummers

Val said...


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

yum yum and yes the picture of the cookies looks like it should be in a cook book!!!

newsinaminute said...

the pie and cookies --two of my favorites in all of the world--I can't wait to make both of them--but there is no one to eat them yikes (well except dad and I) maybe if I make them "they will come" its worked before---
I will make that pie (or two of them) for the ladies coming for book club one week from today-(:

Sean said...

Local girl gave me this tip: Skip your chocolate pudding step and double the haupia. When it's nice and hot, split the haupia in two bowls. melt some chocolate chips (6-8 oz. or so) in a microwave and mix it into one of the bowls. There you go: Chocolate haupia. Put the chocolate in first, then the regular haupia on top.

Erika said...

Like you,,, upon our return from the North Shore, I tried several times to duplicate it.... I have finally perfected it, but can not imagine using chocolate pudding for the chocolate part... ewww.. What I did was double the haupia part, and I use BAKERS brand chocolate squares, but also in the haupia part, I put a teaspoon of coconut extract and instead of regular water to mix the cornstarch, I use coconut water,.... And yes, I agree,,, no skimping on the whipped topping allowed. I skimped the first time I made it... I even went to the local craft store and got the tips and a Wilton piping bag and knocked it out Ted's style...