Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow and Ice

Kaci learned to say snow and ice this week. We woke up on Tuesday to a fresh layer of snow! Not a ton, but plently to go sledding on Kaci's hill just outside our front door. We didn't have a sled so we used Kaci's spinning bowl. It worked great. We also got out our cookie sheets to sled on. The neighbor kids loved sledding with Brad all morning. Kaci froze over after about 30 minutes, so we just watched Brad sled from the window, which was fun too.

Everything shuts down here when snow comes. You can see that it wasn't a lot of snow, you can still see the grass out there. We learned why they shut everything down on Wednesday when that little bit of snow got covered in 2 inches of ice. Our car was completely covered in a firm layer of ice, about an inch thick. It was fun to de-ice it. It took all day Wednesday for the ice to melt. Kaci loved all the ice. When we went outside she'd say "ice" and go get a chunk to suck on. She'd suck on it til her hand turned numb and red, then she'd give it to me and go get another piece. She loved eating it!

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