Monday, February 23, 2009

Ode to the Dinner Table

Kaci likes to help me do everything. I was cooking and she wanted to help, but there wasn't anything she could really do. So I handed her a plate and told her to set the table. She kept coming back so I kept giving her stuff to set the table. When I came out to see what she had done with everything I had given her, I expected it to be in random places around the house, I was shocked to see that she had actually set the table. (our kitchen and dining area are separated by a wall now) So, setting the table is her official first chore and she does it nightly now.

I watch this cute little boy on occasion and Kaci adores him. They get along really well. Here they are eating dinner together. I love watching her make friends, so funny to think that socializing starts at such an early age.

At dinner, I dish Kaci up a plate and then she always asks for a cup of water (baby signs). She'll take a sip and then spoon her dinner into the cup. I think she just prefers flavored water, because she'll then drink the rest of the water and ask for more. Pretty gross!

Ya can't tell in the picture, but Kaci is dipping a pear into ketchup. She really likes dipping stuff now, as gross as that is I just let her do whatever she wants, as long as she eats I'm happy. I figure she got both a fruit and a veggie in one bite!


Brianne said...

Kaci is such a smart little cookie!! Thats so cute that is making friends! It is fun to watch them interact with others huh!? I love watching my kids help me too with anything. Hunter even knows where the drawer is to get a cloth and clean up his spills and it puts a smile on my face. You are such a good example to Kaci!

Kjell Crowe said...

Hey Kerri! Got your message on my blog, and thought I'd come to yours and say hi!

Your little girl is a cutie pie.
Don't ya just miss Hawaii?