Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Moved

Our last apartment was very charming in a small, dark cave-like way. We really did love our four walls, but we happened to be in a building with a ton of smokers. We also lived by the playground also known as the place to smoke. So, our amazingly wonderful landlord let us move to a different building where nobody smokes. Our new apartment is 300 sq feet bigger, it actually has windows, and we have a closet to store my jogging stroller and brad's bike in. Wahoo. We love it. Kaci loves running around in it as there is actually room for her to run around in now. A huge upgrade for the same rent (yeah, I told ya our landlord is AMAZING, he said we were worth keeping, he really likes us, maybe because I used to spend an hour or two every week picking up litter or maybe because we aren't trouble makers, I dunno). Anyhow, we really like our new place.

Kaci took this picture, very artistic!

Oh, and we have central heating now, which is grand because now our whole apartment gets warm instead of just the front room.


newsinaminute said...

love what you've done with the place (as they say)
seriously--how cheery and warm and cosy--so happy for you all
not to mention it looks like there's space in that front room for lots of running around as you mentioned for Kaci--any dance parties yet with she and brad? (:

Abbie Anna and Megan said...


Jennifer said...

YEAH!! for new apartments!Looks great!

Val said...

That is great! Although, I am sure moving everything to a new apartment wasn't a blast. But Yeah! for more space and no smoke.

Cierra said...

"Our last apartment was very charming in a small, dark cave-like way."

You are hilarious Kerri! hahaha

Glad you enjoy your new place...looks very cute!