Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doyles River Falls

Our second Shenandoah hike was a blast. We hiked straight down for 40 minutes, turned left and found this:

I love that Lynda and Bryan were the first ones to climb all over and explore. They are so adventurous. They crossed two fallen trees to get up to the waterfall.

Kaci loved the waterfall. She was so excited she kept saying "water" and screeching. Then we took her behind it and she was ecstatic! She kept telling us that the water was on her head. So fun!

A true dad, changing Kaci's diaper out in the woods. I love to document that Brad does this kind of stuff. He's awesome!

She also loved throwing rocks in the water. For the rest of the day she told us about it. She uses a mixture of baby signs and words, so it's fun to watch her tell you what she did. She's really animated.

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zealandrocks said...

so fun! i can 't wait for you guys to get here!!!!!!!!!!! someday i'm coming out and we are going to play too!