Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Safari Zoo

We had SO much fun at this Safari Zoo. I've never heard Lynda and Bryan giggle so much. They were like kids again. We drove through it 3 times. They also had an area to walk around in. Kaci loved identifying animals she knew. She can do the sign and make the noise for most of them now. It was fun to see her face light up when she saw the monkeys, the flamingos, the pigs, the goats, the giraffes, the camels, the birds... She even learned a new one, deer.

Here's the deal, you stay in your own car and drive through a few acres of land where the animals are free to roam. They had camels, zebras, llamas, ostriches, elk, deer, buffalo, yaks, water buffalo, antelope and some others I'm forgetting. The fun part is that they let you feed em, from your window. Ya hold out a bucket and they come and get it. We laughed so hard feeding the big guys. The ostrich went crazy pecking from the bucket and they'd run to the car so fast. By the third time around we'd just yell "ostrich alert" when we saw one running at us. Kaci was a lil scared the first time through, but by the third time she was holding the bucket too. She loves to feed the ducks at the pond, so she loved to feed these animals too. She would say "deer... eat" and pat her cheek. To help her not be afraid of them we told her they were coming to give her kisses when they'd stick their heads in the car or lick the windows. She laughed a lot too. So fun!!


Brianne said...

we got to see the video footage off of lynda's video camera! What a fun place. I liked the Llamas! What a fun adventure for you guys! I wanna go!!

Nancy K said...

Okay we really need to come visit!