Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 years ago today!

I was doing this:

Today I'm sitting in my unmentionables blogging while my little one watches Surfs Up and Brad toils away at grad school. If I had my wedding dress here in VA I think I'd put it on and prance around a little bit.

So what have we done?

We read the entire Old Testament for couple scripture study!

That's right! What a great way to celebrate 3 years! It was great to learn more about all the ancient prophets and the lifestyle back then. It was challenging at times, but we did it and it didn't take 5 years (that was our worse case scenario). Personal scripture study is good, but doing it with my husband has been a lot of fun. I think we'll always remember doing this. I hope we always remember how much we laughed, fell asleep, talked, and learned together. I think we're going to start the New Testament so that we can read the entire Bible together.

I love being married to Brad. He really is more than I could have ever possibly deserved or wished for in a husband! Here's to another year of playing, wishing, scheming, surviving, parenting, cooking, cleaning, laughing, and creating!


Brianne said...

You looked so happy on your wedding day!! I'm so glad you married the man of your dreams!! :) You guys seriously make such a cute couple! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Sam and Elizabeth Akinaka said...

aw congrats guys!! This is cool, I've never seen any of your weeding! Cute bridesmaid dresses too!

Cierra said...

happy 3 years guys! i don't think i got to see all of your wedding photos, so some of those were new to me...so cute! you are gorgeous kerri! (and i love how you were sitting in your unmentionables while you wrote this post...that is so me when i get home!)

Kim and the Fam said...

3 years already! wow. brad really is perfect for you. I'm glad you picked him!! :) congrats and here's to many, many more wonderful years.

I agree with Elizabeth those really were cute bridesmaid dresses, the person that picked those out most have GREAT taste!

zealandrocks said...

i thought of you guys all day today! 3 years... i can't believe it! Its so fun! Brad really is perfect for you. Ok so i must admit that i do like the bridesmaid dress now.... =] I hope bruce and i are as happy as you two!

Ali said...

i never saw any of these pics! and of course kerri would choose yellow! ha! i am so happy you are happy and that "he never has to go home at the end of the date..." i remember you saying you couldn't wait for that!

happy anniversary!


It's crazy how fast time goes and how many things we get to experience in the short time. Cute pictures!! I am on three years this month too.. I didn't realize that we only got married 13 days a part! CONGRATS!!!