Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Back!

We got a big old huge ancient monitor at the Mercy House Thrift store today for 7 bucks! They were having a half off day and there were zillions of people there, but we made it out alive and for cheaper than we had ever hoped! A new fancy flat screen monitor is 100 dollars, that's why I said I thought I was going to be off line for a while. But I'm back and thrilled to death! Now on to those posts I talked about!!

p.s. I don't know if I mentioned before how crazy people are about thrift stores here. We have 5 within 10 miles and they compete! People drive up in nice cars and fancy clothes, I guess most of those people are antique shopping, or bidding rather as each store has a silent auction going at all times. Anyhow, I love it because it is totally normal to shop at the thrift stores and to brag about the stuff you find in everyday conversation with just about anyone here. Growing up, thrift store shopping was nothing to be proud of unless it was Halloween and you were finding crazy clothes for your costume, I quite like it now!


Kim and the Fam said...

it's so awesome when you find a good thrift stores. you and brad are seriously pros at getting "gonga deals" as Dad would say. :) I am always amazed at your fabulous finds. please rub some of that off on me would ya? I can think of a few things that would make my life easier if I could find them for such GLORIOUS deals!!

Cierra said...

well that was a short internet break! glad you're back so fast!

i need to start looking around thrift many people seem to find such wonderful treasures and i go in and i'm like "....ummmm, should i buy this wedding dress with puff sleeves for $4?"

zealandrocks said...

dude i have been going to goodwill a lot lately! i've found some nifty stuff like my cowboy boots!!!! sweet!!!