Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks and BYE... for a while

Thanks for all the kind words. I think time will help us all feel better. We're just keeping busy.

I want to post about the new look Brad gave our piano while I was gone, my new to me colorful chairs we just painted, Kaci mastering swim stuff, and my upcoming and now postponed virtual piano recital...

BUT our computer is not functioning. Brad accidentally broke the screen on our laptop. So, we are down and out of the internet world til we figure something out. I think we're just gonna buy a monitor to plug the laptop into... I think that will be our cheapest option. I'm posting from the library right now.

It just might kill me to not have the internet for while. I guess we'll make our 1950's lifestyle complete without the internet!

1 comment:

Cierra said...

you'll be missed in the internet world! i look forward to the day you re-join us!