Saturday, July 25, 2009

Creation Celebration

A church did a free backyard bible camp in our apartment complex. Every night for a week. Kaci loved it. She was a little young, but they didn't mind. She learned new songs and met lots of little friends. She loved the snacks at the end too.

The last day they made little bracelets with different colored beads to remind them of a story they told about Jesus. Kaci is really into colors right now so she was excited about it. She wore it for nearly 3 weeks! It was cute to see her get excited about something and to get attached to something she made.

The funny thing about this little camp is that none of the kids spoke English, okay, like 5 kids did. What did they speak? 3 or 4 different middle eastern languages, spanish, russian, a south african language, and in Kaci's case, kaci-ese. It was hilarious watching them try to tell the kids stories or get them to do things. The kids had no idea what was going on. Lots of motioning, lots of laughing, and lots of confusion. BUT they kept coming back. They averaged 60 kids a night!


Cierra said...

just cause kaci can't speak complete english sentences doesn't mean she wasn't bible-bashing with the other kids. :) haha totally kidding...but she looks so content with her bracelet!

newsinaminute said...

kids love to be around other kids
ya gotta love for that child like quality--looks like fun--sounded like her birthday went well and was very fun too--love ya