Friday, July 24, 2009

Firefly. Lightening Bug... whatever!

We were so excited to see our first fire fly. Brad was super excited to catch some and put them in a jar. We had a lot of fun with them. They're super easy to catch. Kaci likes to swat bugs, so she just stayed in her stroller. We go to Dayton for our evening strolls, it's flat, super small town-ey, and people are way nice. It's sad that we have to drive somewhere just to go for a walk. I hope you can see them glowing, they are so pretty to watch!

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Kim and the Fam said...

so jealous. that's one thing about the east coast I'd love to see in the summer evenings in real life. when we went to ohio it was too early in the summer but Nate managed to hunt down one for me to see, it bet its just awesome.

oh yeah, sorry I lost you on the phone phone died and it took awhile to get it to the charger. loved chit chatting with you though! miss and luv ya tons.