Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Garden

It's just the the rectangle Kaci is in, we lined it with corn. It looks like our garden is huge, but it's really not. The plots all kinda run together.

The first harvest: a delicious cucumber. I was way too excited about it!

Kaci and our ever growing corn. I wanted to take pictures of her by it as it grew, kind of like a growth chart for our corn, but it never happened... maybe next time we grow corn I'll actually do it.

We've also harvested zucchini. We love zucchini. Brad said if you let them grow they can get to be HUGE. So we let one grow and he was right. It weighed like 10 pounds when we finally picked it. The same day I picked it a friend gave me one the same size from her garden, we now have two. I'm going to make a zucchini casserole, zucchini bread, and chocolate zucchini bread. Yummers!

One of my most prized plants is my pumpkin plant. I've always wanted to grow my own jack-o-lantern. Our plant is doing great, it's huge. I also am excited about my watermelon plant.

Unfortunately, something is eating our garden now, so we're not too hopeful to harvest much else. It's already eaten all my sunflowers, my peppers, my mystery plant, and has started on the zucchini and sadly my pumpkin too. I'm so sad, but we may get corn still. There was a baby watermelon starting to grow, but I'm not too hopeful it'll get much bigger before it's eaten too. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

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newsinaminute said...

love the garden--love the cucumber and squash--*(zuchini sp?) and love the growers of the garden--that was fun to go see you spot when we were back east..turned out so great! we're impressed!!!!!!