Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great Business Opportunity

Hi Folks,
This is Brad. So the other day I was accused of a crime I did not commit (not stopping at a stop sign). The officer wrote me a ticket and I was assigned a court date. I went to court, pleaded not guilty and told my story. The judge said "Okay, I'll waive your fine. Just go over there and pay the court costs." So I walked over to the desk and they charged me $61 for "court costs"! (Insert your favorite expletive here __________!)
Now, some people might be angered by being charged a handsome sum of money when no crime was committed. I, on the other hand was inspired. I've decided to change my career... and open up my own courthouse. I'm currently in the hiring process and jobs are available for: Deputy (yes I will give you a badge), Judge (Includes gown and gavel), Court Clerk (I need someone good with math- or maybe someone really bad at math might be better), and Court Jester (just to make the atmosphere a bit happier). Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
P.S. Does anybody know the best way to claim a $61 charitable donation on next years tax forms?


newsinaminute said...

I have some experience as a judge but do I have to say pay $61 in court costs without laughing or cracking up? If so just appoint me the court jester.

Wendy said...

Bad at Math? Choose me choose me! Liam got all MY math brains! I'd like say 25%. Negotiable...but lets face it all that math stuff is important!

Nancy K said...

AHHHH!! Gotta love the law!