Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wood Chairs = Joy

We had a cute little boy over for a play date while his Mom gave birth at the hospital. Mid sandwich, he tipped over and fell off his chair!

His chair was a black, plastic, folding chair. He didn't cry and I tried to muffle my giggle.

We had the missionaries over for dinner. Mid salad one of them moved suddenly to play peek-a-boo with Kaci and tipped over in her chair and tumbled to the floor!

Her chair was a white, plastic, folding chair. Not even close to sturdy. I don't know who was more embarrassed her or me!

We needed REAL chairs ASAP!

Brad found some free wood chairs on Craigs List. I've always wanted to have crazy un matching chairs that were different colors. These chairs match, but Brad let me paint them different colors. I love them! We can't paint our walls, but we can paint all the furniture we want!

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Sam and Elizabeth Akinaka said...

This is so cute, Kerri! I love this corner w/ the colorful chairs and painting, it reminds me of an imagination corner, awesome!