Thursday, July 16, 2009

WE did it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls I would like to present to you as evidence of our accomplishment:

Kaci is potty trained!

She has had some accidents, one time I made her laugh so much that she wet herself... I figure that's normal. Another time she wet herself at the dinner table... I must have starved her to death that day. Accidents happen, I don't expect her to be perfect, I just wanted her out of diapers! She tells me when she has to go for the most part. I'm loving it!

How'd I do it? I read a potty book (I loved this book because it told me how hard it was and validated my feelings from a frustrated mom's point of view, it was also totally realistic, didn't sugar coat anything). I promised to give her three days. I did what the book said: sat her on the potty every 25 minutes for three days. Rewarded her for sitting and going. Directed my negative feelings away from Kaci (she had nothing but accidents on day two). And on day 3 she got it! I'm glad it only took 3 days, I don't know if I could have gone any longer. We motivated her to sit and try by doing story time (also a suggestion from the book) only when she was sitting on the potty. She LOVES story time. By day three I couldn't get her out of the bathroom! She got really good at her new favorite book and so I took a video of her reading it with Brad.

The book is about the number one. Big Bird is on a game show and keeps getting the answer wrong, the answer is always one. So Kaci says "Four? No Bird! One!"

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Gary said...

Yeah Kaci, we are all proud of you and your parents. but will you have your mommy post a new picture, so that when "GG" checks out your family blog that he does'nt look right into the Potty bowel. Much Love, GG

Jessica said...

Kaci you are so cute and your Mom and Dad are so awesome! Give them a hug from me and Uncle Liam. And great job on the potty trainging! Ezra's right behind ya...but not really, I think he will work on holding up his head first.