Saturday, August 1, 2009

Real Life Equations

"Umm, Ma'ma-- there's a fire in the kitchen. Could you step outside please?"

"Ye-ah, let me get my sleeping daughter."

Me and naked Kaci hung out outside while a really loud beeper went off and lots of metal clashed.

Small gas leak + two maintenance guys = fire in the kitchen = burnt stove/oven, countertop, and part of the dishwasher.

I'm SO glad I'm renting and it was all their fault!!


Nancy K said...

Funny that just a few days ago you got free pizza from the firemen! Ahhhh though!

Brianne said...

So did you guys get a new stove?!?! That's a bounus if you did! That is the good thing about renting huh!? glad you guys were safe!

larissa said...

what a coincidence with your smoke detector incident! I love that.