Friday, August 28, 2009

Tea Tree Oil

Ever had athlete's foot? I think I had a super incredible bad case of it. Not postive, it might have been poison oak or something? I got it after I went camping. I've never had it before. My sister coached me through it. Nothing was working, not even the medicated stuff at the store. I was beyond dealing with the pain, itching, burning, swelling, and sores. I tried many home remedies, tea bag baths, dandruff shampoo, baking powder... nothing helped it at all. Then I tried tea tree oil. It was 10 bucks, but I was beyond desperate. One application and some major tingling and burning later and I saw dramatic improvements. I started sleeping through the night again, and my skin was healing. A few more applications and my foot is almost completely healed now, and I am so relieved. They say it's a natural anti-septic. I am in love! I will always have this is my house now, FOREVER!
(the label says to use it on pimples, scrapes, burns etc, next time I get an awful pimple I'm going to try it, amazing stuff, amazing)


Cierra said...

do you know why i love you kerri?

because you start out blog posts with "Ever had athlete's foot?"

i have not, but if i ever do in the future, i will know to buy the tea tree oil first!

Kim and the Fam said...

I am a big fan of essential oils. They work miracles. :)

newsinaminute said...

glad you shared--I used that once for flaky scalp treatment (dialuted proportions-in a shampoo-the stuff is potent and tingling like you said) yeah--happy day--glad you found relief --

Jessica said...

Awesome! I am reasearching essential oils right now for a concotion (spelling?) I am working on...muwahahahahaha. I'll have to tell you about it next time we web cam, you know, can't let the word get out, or someone might make millions of dollars off of my brilliant idea! Did you know that listerine mouthwash's main active ingredient is from Thyme essential oil? Just an interesting tid bit I picked up. Ok time for bed!

zealandrocks said...

Tee hee so glad you FINALLY found something that worked! Sorry I wasn't a better help. I tried. Maybe once I'm done witrh school I'll be able to help a little more