Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brad's Dreams

Ok, Brad pretty much gave me the schmuck of the year award by telling the world that I loathe listening to his dreams. There are reasons for this loathing:

1)What he dreamed about last night is the first thing he talks about in the morning. Whether I'm awake yet or not, he's awake and he's ready to tell me all about his dreams.
2)I don't like talking or listening until I've fully woken up, eaten breakfast, brushed my teeth, taken my medicines, and have put my hair in a pony tail. (translation about an hour after I am actually out of bed I am willing to communicate)I'm not a morning person at all, never have been. Brad knows this!
3)When we were first married almost all he ever dreamed about was going back on his mission (I'm not exaggerating bytheway, I should have kept track, it really was almost nightly). He would wake up totally bummed to find that he didn't preach the gospel in his dream because he was married. (not what a new bride wants to hear every single morning, rm's talk about their missions being the best two years enough as it is, the dreams put it over the top for me)
4)If you think that it takes 10 minutes or less to listen to his dreams, you have obviously never listened to Brad tell his dreams. He has been known to still be telling me his dreams over LUNCH and occasionally over dinner. Seriously, seriously. And when he forgets one of his dreams and remembers it days later, he still tells them to me on top of the dreams from the last sleep... doesn't always have to be night time to dream mind you. Afternoon siestas pack a lot of dreams too, believe me, I've heard all about them.
5)He also tells me every-single-dream-he-can-remember! Even if they aren't interesting at all. Somethings just aren't noteworthy in my opinion. It's hard to be a captivated audience to a boring dream when I, myself, am half asleep still.

Now, I may still be a schmuck, but I'm a schmuck for good reasons. With his new blog, Liam can interpret his dreams again on a regular basis and vice versa... I guess that's a soul mate thing.


nicole said...

that's so funny! i am not a morning person either. i have to go through certain stages of waking up whereas ian can fall asleep and wake up super fast without being cranky. brad should keep a dream journal!

Kelly said...

Haha, that's so funny. I don't know whose worse off: you or my husband. If I have a dream where he's like, a butthead or cheats on me or something, I wake up mad at him! And I know it's unrealistic, and stupid, but I stay mad at him! Poor guy.

You're hilarious!

Cierra said...

haha i think brad and alfredo should hang out! they could talk about their dreams all day long...although it sounds like brad is bit more intense! i start to tune out after awhile too...

Laura Hendricks said...

i'm not one to listen to dreams either, so even when i have a really strong desire to tell one i had, i keep it quick, like 30 seconds quick. but i have been reading brads and they are pretty cool, and a lot faster to read than to listen to. :)

Kim and the Fam said...

if it makes you feel any better Nate still has dreams on a regular basis about his mission. Nothing will ever compare to the greatness of the mission for him!! :) He even has dreams that they call him to go back and he has to leave us!

by the way this post is so funny to me. you are so cool for being so honest about it.

Larissa said...

what is it about husbands and very vivid dreams? it happens to me alot too. Jason always tells me first thing what he dreamt.
I remember you and I always agreeing that morning was a time for not talking until at least after breakfast! we have that in common

Bethany Finlinson said...

So, I was meaning to write a comment earlier but got side tracked thinking "Wait, Brad has a blog?" and I found it and read. Anyhow...I wrote a comment on his blog and probably sounded like he was in no wrong because I am like him in the fact that I dream often and wake up and tell my husband about matter how boring or long. I later repented and figured that he didn't deserve this horrible treatment from me.

At least he has a dream blog he can write on now!

Ali said...

i love this post so much!! asaf has so many "this one time...." stories that I react the same way! how many times can you hear the same stories that are dumb to begin with???? hahaha sadly, at least your husband's stories are only dreams.... you crack me up!