Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seminary- Historical Account

Okay, I've done my fair share of "murmuring" so far with this whole experience. Brad keeps telling me it's just the learning curve, it has be hard so it can get better! I thought I should share some pictures of some of our more memorable days so far.

They're all wearing our "family lenses". We are focusing on how important the family was, is, and will always be this year. We use these glasses to read some scripture stories when I really want something to stick or I need to loosen them up.

I'm bummed that I don't have a picture of our heritage day. I wrote a family tree starting at Adam on the chalk board one day. The kids loved it. The whole thing was full of names. The point was that human testimony that God is real can only survive if we pass it on to our kids.

This is our fort. How many prophets "dwelt in a tent"? So we built a fort to have our lesson in to make that more real. We were a lil squished, but some kids said it helped them pay attention better.

Our first morning-side with John Hendricks. He told a cool story about his mission and his hand drum. He had a lot of cool messages, but my favorite thing he said was "You're important to God so things that are important to you are important to Him" (in talking about miracles). One girl told me "Sister Call, that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced at 6am!" Lovin' that!!

So, I am making the most of my longer days. The kids respond well to my craziness!

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