Sunday, September 13, 2009


At the grocery store... gotta love ultra super conservative Harrisonburg.

I went to the Mennonite Church yesterday for their summer's end festival. I enjoyed having church outside for a change. The service was really modern, lots of singing and clapping. I also went to their Sunday School. They had some interesting points of view, some I agreed with, some I didn't. But I think everyone in the room felt the same way by the conversation. So interesting. I made some friends, so did Kaci. The lunch afterwards was amazing, pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon, beans, chips, applesauce, and coleslaw. Yum! In all we attending 5 hours of church yesterday. A Sabbath day well spent!

I realized I haven't ever been to a Methodist Church. There is a HUGE beautiful one on Main Street. That may need to be the next church I visit. Here's a list of churches I've been to: Episcopalian, Baptist, Catholic, Mormon (of course), Mennonite, and Presbyterian. Like I said, I need to add Methodist to the list :) Just for the experience, each one is just a little different than the other. I find it so interesting!

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Ali said...

i think it is awesome that you are exploring other faiths. i think in doing so it helps your mind and spirit grow, gain depper understanding, more insight, and sympathy for others. it is really mature -and so good for Kaci who will, like us, probably go to school with tons of different faiths and it is good for her to know that other faiths are okay and exciting as well. keep up the good work mama! plus anytime you can get a free yummy meal go for it!