Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Victoria and Cassidy came to visit this weekend. Brad watched Kaci all day, so I could have a day out with friends. A new girl in my ward, Laura, drove up with me. It was a lot of fun and her first time to DC. It was awesome to not be a mom for a day. She took this picture of us at the WW2 memorial, her idea, way cute pix!

I'm glad we did DC on Friday because we didn't really do anything else exciting. Mainly just hung out, talked, and laughed. Time well spent. Well, I guess the minor surgery was a highlight.

Cassidy and Victoria were playing on the monkey bars at Purcell park. They were having a jumping contest, how far they could jump out and grab on. Victoria skinned her knees when she fell. Cassidy did too, right after Victoria did. They got matching holes in their pants from the skid. Cassidy thought she got a rock in her toe... we're still not sure. The surgery was to remove it. What do you think?

Brad also taught us how to tie a tie... the double windsor. We rock. Kaci started the whole thing with her tireless asking to wear a tie around her head.


Cierra said...

that toe pic hurts me! glad you got to have fun with your girlfriends deserve it!

kaci looks like a midget rockstar!

Brianne said...

What a fun day!! That's awesome that brad would watch kaci for you so you could go play!! I still don't know how to tie a tie! what a cool thing to learn! kaci looks so dang cute too!

Kim and the Fam said...

how fun, playing with the girls is always a blast. What a great hubby you have. I want to come visit. :(

Kaci looks so cute in that picture. I miss her.

Ali said...

oooooooo i am so jealous, I want a girls day!!!! i am so happy for you :) cassidy looks exactly the same. so cute :)

newsinaminute said...

love that you went up to DC with the ladies--speaking of ladies--doesn't Kaci just look like the jazzy little lady with those sunglasses

Laura Hendricks said...

wow. i'm going to start spelling your name right immediately. glad you had fun with the girls :)