Thursday, September 3, 2009

just shoot me!

I had a melt down with Brad over g chat today. Yes, over g chat. He studies in a dungeon (our word for the building he has school in with no windows) where he gets no cell service so g chat is how we communicate. My eyes were burning, my stomach felt like it was eating its self, my legs ached, and me emotions were soaring. All a direct consequence of not enough sleep and a demanding two year old.

I prepared like a maniac all week for seminary, powerhouse lessons were my goal. Accomplished... until today. I barely made it out of bed and to seminary in time to get out my scriptures. My lesson was poopy. The kids got bored and antzy and so did I. What do you do? I just wasn't feelin' it. I'm sad I already hit a wall. I really thought I'd last at least the first week... nope.

Some one else is prego, and I most definitely am not even though if I hadn't miscarried I'd probably be showing and wearing all the cute maternity clothes I collected for fall all last year.

On a happier note, I got a free car wash last night and a lil package of m&m's from the Mennonite church youth group. They said, no donations please. Right on. I love random acts of service in massive form. They rock. I still slightly wish I could join their church also (can I do both, be Mormon and Mennonite? Mormon at heart and practice, but Mennonite by association) just to be friends with all of them and do all their fun stuff. I'm still considering it. I committed to go to their little fall festival worship service in a couple weeks (they're doing it outside and they have a nursery with 11 two year olds for Kaci to play with). Is that a crime. A lot of churches are all about community right, that's all I really want, that community. What do you think?


Cierra said...

alfredo knows that i am at my wit's end when i say "just shoot me!"

i'm sorry that things aren't going that least you are honest. i should write about the hard times too, but i always seem to just write about the good even though that is not "reality." so i give you props. i hope next week is better! and i am sure you are an awesome seminary teacher! i wish i was your student!

Kelly said...

Sorry you're having a rough day. My best friends husband is a seminary teacher. He has those days too!

And hey, when you go to the other service, you can share the Gospel! I'm all about that (being a convert myself!) Good luck. And if all you get out of it is a break from the baby, then it was worth it!


I'm so glad that you update so regularly. I love reading your posts, even when they are a little gloomy (not every day can be sunshine and happiness and kaci getting buried in balloons). I'm very sorry that things have been rough for you, Nicole and I think of you all often, we really do.

In regards to associating with other religions, I just have to say that I think that's awesome. As someone who is not relgious, I see the world through a very different lens, but I always appreciate it when people are able to step back and take a look at the bigger picture and realize that we are all just part of a much larger community.

Nancy K said...

Love ya-
i am impressed that you are getting up that early at all, let alone being inspiring and coherent in the least bit. I won't move until my kids get up and even then its debatable.
Glad that cell phones aside the dungeon can be reached by gchat.

Kim and the Fam said...

hey I'm impressed that you are able to get up that early consistantly!! That'd be a deal breaker for me :) I'm sure you are a GREAT teacher. everyone has bad days so try to remember what didn't go well and AVOID it next time. Maybe you should have some fun things done and put away for days when you feel in a slump. Somethings I remember loving to do in seminary....scripture chase, popcorn reading (I always loved to laugh at the boys that weren't paying attention) fun memory games for scripture mastery. I'm sure you have thought of all of these but maybe it will help jog your memory for great ideas.
I'd take a class taught by you anyday!!!

Kim and the Fam said...

oh and also bringing your fav cereal to class or doughnuts. feasting upon the words of christ is always good!!! :)

larissa said...

first off I didn't know you were teaching seminary... that is so sweet.
second, i know what it feels like when you come prepared and the kids are a bust. no matter how prepared the teacher is sometimes kids just have bad days and no teaching antic can fix it. don't take it personal just remember that if you don't have bad days then you wouldn't know why a good day is good.
and third,
love the mennonite idea. they are solid people. go for it.

Laura Hendricks said...

cute blog cary :) today in young womens the girls told me how much they have loved seminary so far. thought i would let you know that you are doing such a good job...if that makes the lack of sleep worth it all.

Hebbie said...

Yep, sounds like life to me.
best thing is that you can pray and turn it over to the Lord and he takes over or just sit in the middle of the kitchen floor and cry

newsinaminute said...

we think you're great--bet they do too--way to go on the early to bed early to rise--Bryan Sr. is so good at that --I'm working at it still--mind over mattress is a tricky thing--you'll be so blessed.
hang tough---(: