Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disc Golfers Unite

Westover Park has Disc Golf. A friend of ours taught us how to play a while back and we liked it, but didn't have discs. Then Brad found out that the rec center loans discs out for free with an ID. So we go all the time now. We taught Garret how to play. It's a lot of fun.

Kaci likes it too. She can run around in the woods and play with all the sticks she wants. She's even picked up on how to throw the disc and the general idea of the game-keep throwing the disc until you make it in the basket! She tries really hard to throw the disc and when it falls a foot in front of her she'll say "oh-miss!" So funny.

Sometimes Kaci gets tired (there are 18 holes and the course is lots of hills) so she gets a ride from one of us. Brad is the best at throwing discs, so Garret and I were hoping that Kaci would handicap him... Brad did better with Kaci on his shoulders... go figure. I guess keeping your shoulders square and motionless is what you are suppose to do. So I tried it too and it made my discs go way further and I had more accuracy. Who knew?!?


Erik and Kellie Anderson said...

I grew up playing that game with my Dad in Arizona but we called it Frisbee Golf. There were several parks that had the baskets some in Scottsdale, and Mesa well that is where we would play. I have to agree it's a fun and cheep way to play golf!

Nancy K said...

I haven't played frisbee golf since high school-good times and of course Kaci is a good luck charm!