Saturday, October 10, 2009

A good time was had by all!

Last Saturday was so intense. We woke up and went to Dayton Days to buy an apple dumpling from the scouts. Then we came home to watch Conference. Brad recently taught Kaci how to slow dance to quiet-er music, so when the MoTab started singing, Kaci jumped up, found her baby, and started slow dancing. By the end of Conference she had convinced Brad to slow dance with me too. I wish I would have recorded her, it was so cute. She calls it a "hug dance". After that session we jetted over to the "Mile Challenge" where Brad joined the bike race against the mayor driving a car. They had bicycle churned ice cream for everyone afterwards. We joined the cause for walking or biking within a mile of our house. Then we went to Hillandale for the Time Trial. A group of people were doing a time trial to ride all the mountain biking trails. Brad was so excited to participate. He bikes there all the time. We stayed to cheer him on. He completed it in 19 minutes. He wrecked a couple times, a little black and blue the next day but loved it. He also got a free membership to the rec center which I cashed in on so I can lift weights again! After the time trial we rushed home to watch another session of conference.
The next day we went to the church to watch conference since our internet connection was being slow. Good thing we did too, the Walton's were there (they have a little boy Kaci's age and they are BFF) and they invited us to stay for fondue between sessions. I had no idea fondue was so amazing. It was so yummy and Kaci got to play all day with her best bud. We watched the last session, came home, ate chocolate cake for dinner with the Hendricks and called it good. I believe this action packed weekend deserves the ending: "a good time was had by all"


newsinaminute said...

that was an action packed weekend
we got such a kick out of the video
both brad riding and the cheering of little kaci--and her woo woo-(:
that ice cream sounded yum! all of it sounded great! so glad you are all well and happy

Nancy K said...

Definately a good title-you guys will always have fun because you know how to find where the fun is all the time-I wish I could just follow you guys around! Plus you are the life of the party!

Katie said...

I love reading up on how you guys are doing.. Thomas thinks I'm a stalker though.. So we both graduate in April, and so Thomas is applying for grad schools and everything, so if all goes well we'll be off somewhere drastically different by next fall. I think one of the places he is applying is in Virginia, not sure which one though, so that's not very helpful is it? But I would love to hear any kinds of advice you have about grad school and that sort of change, it looks like a lot of the places he's looking at are east coast.. so foreign to me!

Val said...

Sounds so fun. I love action packed weekends that go so well.

Laura Hendricks said...

holy crap busy weekend! sounds fun though and the cake was delicious! john and i are free the next couple of weekends. .. i guess institute in next weekend (which i think might be early this month) but maybe not. but besides that, nothing i don't think.

Cierra said...

yeah, no kidding! talk about a great weekend! and fondue and chocolate cake in ONE day?? oh man, paradise!