Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time is ticking

Some memories with true friends are so real that on a dreary day in Virginia...

I wish I had two dollars in change and a couple hours to stand at a bus stop.
I long to wade out and flail around in the water like a seal, dolphin, whale. Relish in the joys of emerging and splashing in the water.
I can almost taste Acai, feel the rocks from the Island Shack under my feet, smell the salty Hawaiian air, and see her reading "Free Surf" with more intensity than an Olympic weightlifter.
I can hear her singing "HIKI MAI E NA PUA I KA LA’IE" over the waves and taste the salty water as it splashes on our faces paddling on our surfboards.
I can feel the wind blowing in our faces and the sweat glistening on our foreheads and we pedal to campus.
I can hear the pounding of our feet on the pavement as we run around Laie and feel the shortness of breath from laughing and talking as we run.

As the day of birthing draws nearer... I'm thinking about you, praying for you, and longing to be there to hold that precious little girl who gets to call YOU her mother. I'm hoping she's an exact replica of you, the world needs more people just like you.


Cierra said...

would it be silly if i told you i am *this* close to crying my eyes out? i am honestly choked up after reading this post. what a lovely surprise and what a way to start my day! i can't believe i have a post dedicated to me on your blog...amazing.

I MISS YOU KERRI! too much, in fact. after reading about our memories in hawaii, it almost seems like it was some great dream. really, we lived it up. surfing, running, just living on the beach and taking in the hawaiian culture. you were the best roommate a girl could ask for. you have no idea how much i wish i could just hop on a plane right now and meet you in laie, flop around in the ocean, catch some waves, and then go out for some acai.

thank you for thinking of me and praying for me. it means more than you know. thanks for always being there for me even though we are far far apart. i really hope we get to see each other sometime soon.

i love you kerri!!

p.s. i loved the part about free surf magazine. so true, so true. i was obsessed.

Anna K. said...

OH man, this post made me miss Hawaii even more! Do you think you will ever move back?? I sure hope we do!

Jessica said...

yAY! Good luck Cierra! Being a Mom is the best! You will love it!

I hope you guys come here for Brad's internship! Hawaii has our vote for sure! We miss you guys!