Friday, November 20, 2009

Guessing Game Giveaway!

hope=expect with confidence
(see post here from N. Norton's blog)

That definition suits us perfectly right now because even though Brad doesn't even interview til December 1st (woohoo) we have been making detailed plans on moving there for the past few weeks.

Anyone want to play a game?

Leave a comment with your best guess of where we are planning to move for Brad's internship.

When I disclose where we are going, I will also announce the winner and their prize.
(we figure we'll know before Christmas)

A prize will be one of the following:
1) something we own that we can't take with us
2) one of my many magical paintings
3) a shrine of you on our sidebar til we move.
So, in your comment leave your guess and your prize of choice!
Happy guessing!


newsinaminute said...

My guess is Alaska
Papa Call

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

hmmm....back to Hawaii?

Katie said...

I guess New Zealand.
Because in Brad's dream blog he dreamed that you all were moving to New Zealand.. Right about the time you posted the tip of the tongue post.
Even though I know I'm wrong, I've gotta guess there! Just because it was such a cool coincidence...

Bethany Finlinson said...

I haven't the SLIGHTEST....umm...Maine. Sure. Why not.

Bruce & Krystal said...

Bruce picks OREGON!

but i would rather you go to Arizona!!!!!! or Colorado!

Cierra said...

i pick chile.

i know i'm right! :)

Kim and the Fam said...

can't we have some hints?

since you are being so ambigious about it i'm going make 2 guesses on stateside and one worldwide :)


Costa Rica (is that the place you talked about for awhile...if not than I mean that place ya know the one Brad wanted to move and live for awhile...)

AND when you announce I'm the winner I want a painting. PLEASE.

The Spicers said...

We think it's gonna be Florida!

newsinaminute said...
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Nancy K said...

I want to team up with my dad and split the prize-Alaska. Anywhere you move is lucky to get you!

newsinaminute said...

I love these prediction games--
okay--no one has guessed fire Island --New Hampshire????

best of luck -getting through the process and being assigned where ever "there" is-- we believe in you

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

this is a hard game because you haven't really left any clues but I'm just gonna be completely random and guess New York. but i think that Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer's guess sounds the best! but I think Katie's sounds reasonable and Cierra's is about as random as mine =)

Laura Hendricks said...

jackson hole, WY

yup. that's it.

bryan said...

Either Moscow (Idaho)
Or will the prodigal son return to Utah?
Actually my real guess is "In a van down by the river"

Amanda said...

My guess is Colorado. I can see you planning a zillion adventures in the outdoors there.