Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Streets of New York

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

1. Blogs
2. It's NOVEMBER, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is coming!!
3. I slept in til 8 am!! No seminary!
4. Brad!!
5. Daylight savings.. it's light outside at 6am now!!
6. I'm not in high school anymore, one hour a day with teenagers makes me OH SO VERY GRATEFUL!!!
7. My mom
8. Sundays... and nursery!
9. A knowledge of God
10. Playing games in any form!
11. two new mommy friends
12. kaci's giant floor piano
13. Brad wakes me up for seminary... three times if necessary... I was really into my dream this morning (even though I don't remember it).
14. a whole day with just Brad!
15. 12 hours of sleep or pretended sleep at least
16. the scarfs my mom made me, I feel so fancy in them!
17. tea tree oil
18. my excitement for the MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE is oozing out of my ears now!!! I love it!
19. the sunshine days that follow the rainy ones... when the sun shines through the windows again and I can't get enough if it.
20. my nutty seminary kids
21. zachary from church, kaci's only real friend
22. visit teaching Sister Halling for the past year, love that lady, she reminds me of my mom
23. fun, simple, easy, creative art projects--like the kind you do when your in grade school
24. my sister married a great guy and created the cutest kids ever


Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

ooohhh is this a hint that your moving to new york and I won the guessing game???? but i loved that video! people are thankful for pretty random things, like macaroni and cheese what the heck!

Erik and Kellie Anderson said...

Thanks for posting that video it was really touching!

Elizabeth said...

Totally awesome video!!