Friday, November 6, 2009


Should I be offended that Brad gets all the cool nick-names from Kaci? She never calls me anything but Mom.

Kaci now affectionately calls Brad Daddy-Boy! That's right. Daddy-Boy!
Guess what Brad was for Halloween... it's a lifelong dream of his to have a Charlie Brown shirt... he may or may not wear this to school now, with flip flops, in 30 degree weather.

Oh, I guess she has figured out that everyone else calls me Kerri, so sometimes she yells "HEY! Kay-EE!" She's also caught on that Daddy-Boy also responds to Brad.

Kaci is talking so much now, catches onto everything anyone says. Her vocabulary and pronunciation is pretty amazing to us. She's constantly asking us to "Watch ME! Watch ME!" Her favorite thing to perform for us lately is to "ula-oop" with beads. She also tells us to "TRY!" when we say we can't do something, like hula hoop with the beads.


Brianne said...

Brad makes an awesome charlie brown! did you dress up kerri?! Kaci is seriously so big! I love her video! Super cute. we will sure be excited to see you guys again hopefully soon!! :) I think your parade adventure sounds awesome. I hope its a blast!

Laura Hendricks said...

so freaking cool! i love the things that kaci does. brad did make a great charlie brown..flip flops in cold toes just turned blue just thinking about it.

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

DADDY-BOY!!!!!!! OOOOHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOODNESS!!!! that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!