Friday, November 13, 2009

tip of my tongue

I have got big news... on the tip of my tongue. Brad and I have made a pack not to disclose our new big adventure until it is final. What is it... moving of course... but WHERE we move is the adventure.

A few weeks ago, I went for a walk with Kaci. As I was walking a little voice in my head starting convincing me that we would LOVE living in this one particular place. I argued with it for a couple blocks, but by the time we got back to our apartment I was giddy with excitement to move there.

When I told Brad, he was giddy too. The giddy-ness lasted for a long time, but then on Monday, I thought about all the arguments I originally had against the idea and I got really sad about it. It's not good to get sad about something so BIG! Especially when it's that little voice that convinced you it was such a good thing in the first place.

After talking a lot about my feelings with Brad, I am back on the giddy feeling. I may have reservations about it, but I like the happiness and giddy-ness I felt when I trusted that little voice that we would LOVE it there.

So, don't make me lie to you anymore. We do have a set place in mind, we are doing what we can to go there, but we are also doing the necessary yet terribly un-necessary and applying to variety of other places too. We still just don't know for sure on paper yet, just in our hearts. Hopefully we'll know for sure on paper sooner than later.. a lot sooner. (We're hoping to know by February at the very latest instead of May or June)

You may think I'm silly for thinking so much about all this because it's so far away still, not moving til June at the earliest. But moving is a big big deal and it will impact every aspect of our lives. Including trying to get pregnant again. Once we KNOW ON PAPER where we are going, we can start planning a little one again. So much to think about. So much to plan. So I think about it, and I plan.


Nancy K said...

I was knew I was going to have to be in suspense a few more months, but now I will REALLY be in suspense.
Maybe you could give one hint! (smile)

Nancy K said...

Okay, the previous comment looks like I can't speak english, but I also wanted to add that I am impressed with how you both follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Moving is exciting and scary and a lot of emotions rolled into one, so good luck...I think about us moving and it is almost 2 years away.

Bruce & Krystal said...

WEll that is exciting! i for one am all about planning everything out super super early!!!!!! =]

Bethany Finlinson said...

I actually had a dream last night that my little famiy had to move and one of the options was Hawaii...and I thought of you and Brad. Then I was really excited because I wanted to learn to surf...which also reminded me of you and Brad.

Can't wait to hear the news! You OBVIOUSLY are better at keeping secrets than I am!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

OOHH MYYYY! Moving is a big deal! I don't think your crazy for thinking about it too much! AND HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!! that is a BIGGER deal!! EXCITING!! You better do the routine ninja house alumni call when you get pregnant!