Saturday, December 5, 2009

Deciding to move to Alaska

If anyone was wondering how the conversation went when Brad first proposed going to Alaska, it was something like this.

I'm going to go take a hot bath! I'm getting too cold just thinkin about all that ice!


Nancy K said...

My friend Kasey has been living there the last 2 years and will be moving to Colorado in the summer. (One Kasey leaves another Kaci must come). Although bobsledding might not be the thing, Kaci could learn to SKI! WOuldn't that be fun!

Katie said...

That's so funny, we just rented and watched that movie last week! I love it! I'm so excited for you guys, I've been there! So beautiful! Perfect for your adventurous family :)

So.. I got the idea about injecting the turkey with sparkling cidar from a sister in the Relief Society who made it for us... and when she did, it didn't taste too appley, it was just right. So I think that it was the apples inside that threw it a little over the top (I was just trying to combine it with a recipe that I found on that used champaign and apples).. It was a lot of fun using the flavor injector though, I think that we will definitely do it again!