Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Camo Time of the Year

It's hunting season... head to toe camo is everywhere, grocery store, post office, DMV, you name it!
A local general store advertised pictures with a Santa in Camo. I just happened to drive by the store the day Camo Santa was there... I just had to see it for myself. The first thing I saw when I stepped in the door was an infant girl with a camo hat on. I then saw a couple of moms with arms full of camo for all their kids. I couldn'
t help but think of my dad.
Then we wandered around and to my great surprise it wasn't just Santa, but the wifey too in head to toe camo!

I didn't have my camera...bummer. But I wonder after finding this picture on the internet... why doesn't Santa always wear camo? It would make a lot more sense.

What did Kaci think? In her words upon seeing Santa in camo, "Man. Costume. Ice cream face!" She thought his beard was ice cream... wouldn't that make him even more magical? She's already figured out he's a hoax, and she was a lil disappointed when we explained his beard wasn't ice cream.

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