Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Macy's Day Parade!

1. The Rockettes aren't actually in the parade (bunch a sissy's!)
2. The Parade is only an hour and a half, not three.
3. We never saw any performances. Except the amazing jump ropers!

With that said, here's my better-than-NBC footage of the parade!

Pictures for posterity purposes:

We got to our spot by 6:30am. By 7 am there were 3 rows behind us, by 9am there were 7 or more rows behind us. This a picture of a super nice and fun family from Michigan we sat by.

Antonio Banderas. Yup, that's him. There were paparazzi's taking pictures like crazy. The locals we were surrounded by kept yelling Hi to him. It was pretty funny.The beginning of the parade. Kaci loved all the balloons. The first giant balloon was Spiderman. She was really excited to point it out to us. She still talks about driving to see the big balloons.
The confetti was so fun. All the clowns (there was a constant flow of clowns) threw confetti at us. I'm still finding it in our coats. Kaci loved it. I loved seeing it everyone's hair that was in front of us. So fun!
Just believe! I saw it all in person. Something I always watched on TV and never thought I'd ever actually see in person. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible. Especially Brad (he kept encouraging me, Liam who made me believe I was going to get enough no matter what, both sets of parents for contributing to my fund, Kaci for going along with it despite being sick, and Macy's for putting it all on for my personal enjoyment!!)


Brianne said...

I love that you got to go! my kids would've loved watching it with kaci!!! I'm so glad your dream came true!! I love the pics you took!! I'm excited to see you next week! wahoo!!

Nancy K said...

I am so glad that you got to go! We thought the balloons were cool on TV, so I can hardly imagine how cool in real life!

Dadra said...

That is sooo cool and I'm so glad that you were able to go and see it live!!

Hey, could you email me your address? ( Thanks!!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

Maybe someday I will get to see it in person! I'll have to bring Luka! But for now I'll just live vicariously through you =) I am very happy for you/ jealous of you that you got to see it in person! Sounds like you had a pretty incredible time! And I think I'm with Btad that the Snoopy float is my fav! I love Snoopy!!!