Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5:45AM for nothin'

Do you live in the city or the county?

me: um, both?
(In AZ, I lived in Glendale, Maricopa County. In HI, I lived in Laie, Honolulu County)

No, the ci-ty or the coun-ty?

me: I really have no idea.

Okay, we'll just say city.

me: um, o-kay

And that's how you know you're in a strange new land. When people start differentiating between city and county.

In VA, I live in the ci-ty of H'burg, and "technically" the coun-ty of Rockingham, but I never (no NEVER) say I live in Rockingham County, because I live in the city. Some people live in the city of Bridgewater (3 miles south), but they are to claim living in the county.

Make any sense? Yeah, ridiculous.

You see H'burg is the BIG city out here folks. We're talking 50,000 people! Wowsers!?! So, if you live in this BIG city you get to claim the city (which always gets me discounts).

Why am I telling you this?

Because seminary is cancelled automatically AGAIN today (we've only had 9 classes ALL of January) because the County school was delayed or cancelled due to weather (that's a whole new post). I have to wake up to check the closings and delays and naturally can not fall back asleep after starring into the light of a computer screen. Yup, 5:45 for nothin' TWICE this week already....grrrr!

Because when I first got to VA it really was a whole new ball game. I'm fully adjusted now, (I confidently say CITY when they ask where I live!) but last night... I BOUGHT MY TICKET OUT OF HERE!

137 days til I see my soon-to-be-married sister and lots of family
137 days til I leave this BIG city in the dust and fly to one of the biggest cities in the US.
137 days of fretting over packing, moving, a new city, and finishing the BoM w/ my kids.
137 days til I no longer live on the East Coast.

Am I ever sad when I get to relocate? I guess someday I'll miss VA too, like I sometimes miss HI, but that's just really hard to imagine.


Kim and the Fam said...

Well you are a city girl at heart aren't you! :)

I can't believe you are alomst done there already. crazy.

Krystal and Bruce said...

one word


Kim and the Fam said...

if it makes you feel any better, I was up at 5 am this morning too. :)

ellenglunt said...

You have spanned the states. Surf and sand to sleet and snow. Just think next year igloos.

Cierra said...

hahaha kerri, every blog post you do seriously cracks me up. i think it's because you write exactly like you talk, and i love how you talk so...

don't think i no longer read your blog, because i definitely do! i just find it hard to write comments with baby in hand...

oh, and brad's pants video?? HI.LAR.IOUS. for reals, i was dying. and the video of us all playing cards at the ninja house made me sad cause i miss that so much!