Sunday, January 31, 2010


Kaci tell Papa Call about sledding!

kaci: "we go sledding. WEEEEE! BOOM!"

translation: We went sledding, in 16 degree weather with a wind chill of 5 degrees (according to those "weather people"), Kaci is shaking and near hypothermia but tells us that she wants to go "one more time". Some bystanders who had noticed our sweet "calendar sleds" (really just laminated posters from the dollar store) offered to let us use one of their toboggans. We gladly accepted and all piled in for a good "family run".
As we took off down the hill we all started screaming our heads off because the toboggan went like 2o times faster than our "sleds".

In between our screaming we hear a fading voice yell, "WATCH Out for the juuuummmm..."

Then, as Kaci puts it, "BOOM!"

Next thing I know, I'm a good two feet off the ground. I look up and see Kaci flying, powder flying, and Brad reaching out to catch her. We manage to slide to a stop and realize we have just white washed a two year old. She was not happy. From the top of the hill we hear a bunch of voices "SORRY!"

All in a day of fun folks.... all in a day of fun. No big deal. She's raving about it now!


newsinaminute said...

great re-cap of the sledding adventure--my favorit part --was kaci saying "wheee' to grandpa on the phone--I was standing there and it made me smile--
you guys came through the adventure (and the jump) and the white washing like champs--

Krystal and Bruce said...

hahahah i laughed before i even read it! I love sledding! its the all time greatest!!!!