Sunday, January 3, 2010

GranMa Lynda

Who makes a chocolate fountain for a snack and lets the grand kids go at it?
GranMa Lynda
Who plays pretend with the kids in the playroom all day long?
GranMa Lynda
Who lets you jump rope in her living room?
GranMa Lynda
Who volunteers to change a poopy diaper?
GranMa Lynda
Who do you go to when you need a
real vacation/break
from being a full time mom?
GranMa Lynda


Nancy K said...

Amen!!!! Gotta love Grandma Lynda!

Kim and the Fam said...

grandmas are the best. too bad we don't have them around more often!!!

Bruce & Krystal said...

Can i just say that the picture you have up of nancy and papa call looks like hayley (idk how to spell her name) and papa call!!! every time i see it i'm like nooo that's not nancy! lol