Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One time...

Gavin did not survive despite the many prayers offered in his behalf.
We'll continue to pray for the family he left behind.
One time I went to a baby shower at the Norton's Ohana. I knew her from, well, living in the same 3 square miles, but I hadn't ever actually met Natalie til I was sitting on her couch. She was fun and inspiring. She talked about her pictures like I'd talk about folding my laundry. She's an artist.

What I remember most about her is how she taught her kids to eat healthy. She said she explained to her kids that junk food doesn't make you strong like superman. She told the following story: one night at a church party, it was time for dessert. Someone offered her son (the oldest one I think) some cookies. Her sun replied, "no thank you, that won't make me strong... I want to be strong!" Not to say her kids don't enjoy some treats, but that in general they honestly believe that junk food won't make them strong and they avoid it, because what little boy doesn't want to be strong?

I saw her again almost two years later at a reception in Utah (she lives in Laie) and she remembered me. In between shooting her fabulous pictures, we chatted a bit. She needed chap stick, so did I. Dang dry climate, ya don't use chap stick when you live by an ocean. We were both too far from our Laie home.

That's who Natalie is. I keep tabs on her, ya know check her blog and always mention her to people who seek a super kind and talented photographer. I'm telling you about her because she needs some prayers. For her and her new baby, Gavin.

For Gavin's story, go to her blog

Once you've read his story, you'll want to see a funny picture that only a mother could capture and then share it with the world. (I've linked this before, but I think it's hilarious and it totally relates right now) click here.

pray that little Gavin can be like his big brother
Be strong and pee, pee, pee!


stef j. said...

LOVE this post!! so perfect for the situation...

lots of prayers for little Gavin.

newsinaminute said...

we looked on the link you added -what a precious boy--we were so touched