Monday, March 15, 2010

Bible Club

Isn't it great when your kid is the only white kid in the group?
Isn't it even better when your kid is the only one in the group who speaks English?
Isn't it even more better when your the only parent that can claim to be an American citizen?

Gosh, I love America!

Kaci goes to a lil Bible club next door on Wednesdays. Kids from Kenya, Iraq, Russia, Mexico, etc all go to this Bible Club and not one of them speaks English. Kaci loves it. I don't know if it's because she's guaranteed play dough time, songs, crafts, and a snack... or if it's because a bunch of adults try to run a complete circus every week and Kaci is in it?

She recently got a prize for such excellent attendance. I do feel a little bit bad that all their missionary efforts are being wasted on our family. We're never going to join their church. At least we're both Christian, right? Mission already accomplished, what's better than a bunch of Christians hanging out singing, playing, crafting, and sharing all for Christ's sake?

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Anna K. said...

Ha, funny! Who knows, maybe Kaci will come out of the class learning 4 languages!