Thursday, March 18, 2010


Kaci adds one of two words to the end of nearly ever sentence lately. Maybe and Either. I'm not sure she knows the meaning of the words, but she uses them confidently.

Do you see that little belly button... all her shirts are too small for her now, but I refuse to get more long sleeve shirts for just one more month of chilly weather. Her pants are high waters too, but in one more month she can wear her shorts and skirts again.

The name tag? Bible Club, she always gets a name tag and refuses to take it off. She sometimes transfers it to her shirt the next day to wear to places like the library, the grocery store, the post office. What's that song with the lyrics... " I wanna be where every body knows my name..."

Kaci has been telling us a lot of her memories lately. Most of them are from at least 6 months ago. and spurred by something she sees. Back in October-ish we went to Hone Quarry and roasted pizza pockets (without the friends who were suppose to meet us) and ate grapes. It was a little fire and we didn't stay long. But Kaci remembered it when I bought pizza pockets last week for Brad's snack food. I was shocked she remembered doing that! Maybe she'll remember some of Virginia after all. She has been wanting to make a fire out there since. On the rainest day last week, Brad finished his school work and we ventured out to make another itty bitty fire in the chimney they have. It was fun, but cold.

We were ready to leave once the puny fire went out, but Kaci decided to start up a game of hide and seek. She's getting better at this game. It was fun to play it out in the woods with her, especially with her in that yellow rain coat. Pretty funny stuff. I'm glad a little rain and cold weather doesn't stop her from having fun.
We bought a couple new duffel bag type suit cases for the move in June. We like these kind of suitcases the best. They hardly weigh anything and you can fit A LOT in them. We got 'em at Finders Keepers for $20.
Kaci fits inside them... too bad we can't ship her that way, it would be so much cheaper. I think we'll let her sit on the plane with us like all the other humans. She has enjoyed rides around the house in it though. She may be bigger than she used to be, but she's still pretty little in reality. Things like this make me want time to inch by... starting once we get to Arizona in June.

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Krystal and Bruce said...

Yes time needs to speed up then when June it's go verrrrry slowly!!!!!!!!!!!!