Wednesday, April 28, 2010

background music

I like Michael Buble's music, I like this song among others:
The song is really just background music for this post, but I do have to say that I've always thought music videos were cheesey, this one is no exception. But, if you're going to watch the cheese-fest, at least enjoy the fact that it's in a grocery store.

On to the post!

This awesome lady I know (N. M.) keeps talking about a fun, quick, easy, and beautiful hike nearby.
It took 17 minutes to get to the look out!
It was the windiest day ever, but it was stunning up there!
You've got to love those endless rolling hills. I'm glad Kaci likes hiking, that Brad will pack her when she's tired, and that I've got the coolest little family ever who goes hiking early Saturday morning with me.

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Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

yay! thats so cool that Kaci likes hiking since you are super adventurous! Poata and I have actually been wanting to go on a hike too! We want to go on the makapuu light house trail hike, I read about it in a little magazine and have been wanting to go ever since but Poata always works on weekends, UNTIL NOW! This is his first weekend that he will be off of work, he used to work at haleiwa joes on weekends but quit so yay!! We will soon be hiking early saturday mornings too =) hopefully Luka likes it as much as Kaci. Oh and to answer a couple of your questions, my mom moved back to Oahu! yay! Savanna was living with me for a little while but was a BIT to much to handle so I sent her back to my moms house on the big island and she of course did NOT want to live there but lucky for her neither did my mom or donnie so they rented their house out and moved back! My mom was flying over every other weekend to play with Luka so she really just wanted to be back here for good so she can play with him all of the time! And Jai lives here now too so she felt if all her kids live on this island then she should too =). And as for my cupcake obsession, I guess it came on slowly... I never really mentioned that I'm turning into a cupcake-aholic but I just started baking more and more and now I make a batch of cupcakes like every 2 days! And with all of my family on the island again they dont go to waste! =) I have also been addicted to going to these little cupcake shops here, there are two of them and they are amazing!! Anyways sorry for the longest comment ever! love ya!!