Monday, April 26, 2010

It snowed!

Kaci looked outside yesterday and came running to me and said "it snowed!"
My heart stopped, then I looked outside and saw that it had "snowed".... FLOWERS!
Kaci loves the flowers everywhere. Her latest favorite thing is to wear a flower in her hair.
The dandelion is her flower of choice.
Doesn't she look beautiful!

We've also had flower fights.
When dandelions turn to that puff ball state, they are super fun to throw at people.
They poof on contact and you walk away covered in the poof.
Kaci thinks it's hilarious!
Go out and try it!


Happy Spring!


Katie said...

That's SO cool. I'm with Kaci, I think dandilions are pretty, I get kinda sad when people call them weeds.
And thanks for sharing some tips about surviving our first winter! We definitely think about you guys a lot, kinda feels like we're following in your footsteps in a way. (More particularly when we were seriously considering Maryland). But we'll need all the help and advice we can get!! :)

Nancy K said...

My favorite kind of snow now is flower snow! Love the flower fights and Kaci looks so sweet!

Cierra said...

i wanna have a flower fight!!!

oh and as a sidenote, you might want to tell brad to start shining his shotgun...kaci is gonna be a serious heartbreaker. she is honestly gorgeous!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

Kerri, Kaci is such a cute little girl!! And I love her little twist in her hair! Adorable! She is so funny. It snowed! I think that flower snow is my kind of snow and I think that Kaci is my kind of girl!

newsinaminute said...

she looks so sweet in the pic on the post--growing so fast I can tell

TomiRomig0221 said...

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