Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spring is back!
Wahoo! I hate all the pollen and yucky smelling tree flowers that are gorgeous,
but I LOVE the sun!

Doesn't it look like the the sun is illuminating Kaci's hair in the picture to look like a halo. She may be a good little girl, but does not deserve a halo, no way! Not after her leap frog extravaganza during conference.

Conference weekend. We tried going to the church to watch the broadcast, Kaci did leap frog on the back row of the overflow. We came home where she could run wild and what does she do? Sit on me. Ugh!
You may see two articles of clothing laying on the kitchen floor. NOPE! Those are Kaci's dog's, "Taya and Taylor" You want to pet them? Too bad, their sleeping. Shhhhh.
We found a snake at the foot of our stairs to our building. Cool huh! I love seeing snakes. I'm always looking for them but rarely see them.
(looking b/c I have an irrational fear that one will chase me and eat me alive, I have no idea where the fear came from? so when I see one and it doesn't I'm always pretty chipper about it)
An Easter Pinata. Oh what joy! I saw one at the store and was too cheap to buy it. So I made my own. Confession: I'm a pinata mooch. I've never made my own start to finish. I think I always just mooched off of everyone else's. Who in AZ hasn't made at least a zillion pinatas? Me! I always just ate the candy out of everyone else's. Go figure.
Kaci had fun hitting it. Bam! Bam! BAM!
"Miss Hollywood" (as everyone calls her) on her very own egg hunt. We hid 36 eggs
(they were rejects from a church activity a long time ago, I found them last summer and saved them for Kaci). She had a blast finding them all.


Cierra said...

an easter pinata? you are AMAZING!!! can i be your daughter too?

Nancy K said...

She does look like Miss Hollywood!!!

Kim and the Fam said...

pinata, that's a fun idea. she looks so dang cute. looks like the Calls had a happy Easter!

newsinaminute said...

very cute post--she's a doggie lover too--what a cute imagination
PS --I swear she does have a halo

Krystal and Bruce said...

Miss Hollywood?! have you yet taught her what her middle name is and what it means?!?!? you have failed me! I'm missing the most important time in her life! ugh it kills me!!!! =]

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

this post literally made me crack up!! Her fake dogs are hilarious! can i pet one...lolololol!!! And the snakes... you are sooo funny!!! this post is my favorite!