Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just couldn't wait

There is a lot to look forward to this summer and Kaci knows it!
  1. Visit Arizona and Krystal gets married!
  2. Visit Utah and see family
  3. Move to Alaska
  4. Kaci turns 3
  5. Kaci gets a bike
... well Kaci was getting pretty anxious for summertime to say the least. Everything we are looking forward to happens this summer. She was getting a little too anxious about getting a bike. She knew that was the last thing we were going to do. She started petitioning to go to Alaska without Brad during the day or to buy a bike now and just take it with us. I started to feel like schmuck. You're only 2 1/2 once, right? Kaci won me over, and I started asking if we could please buy her a bike now too. I had almost convinced Brad when I found this little beauty at a local thrift store for $3!

Now the only problem is that the only flat place to ride it is in our little kitchen. Back and forth all day. It's always in there (AHHH!). One day I took her outside to a seemingly flat area only to learn she can't pedal uphill to save her life. So, she'd ride down the decline, and I'd walk it back up, over and over and over again. After that I decided I didn't mind it in the kitchen so much after-all. Please tell me Alaska is flatter than Virginia...please!!!

Summer time is getting so close... I love summer time, now that I've experienced all seasons, I know without a doubt that summer is my favorite and always will be. Bring on the BBQ's, the tan lines, the swimsuits all day long, playing in the water, the cool evenings that last forever, and the lack of clothes in general (compared to winter). Not to mention little things like fire flies, gardens, melting popsicles, vacations stories... NO SEMINARY, watermelon, sunflowers.... Spring is here and summer is on its way. Oh sweet summer. I'll love it even more this year than last. I have all of that plus the stuff I mentioned above, this summer has the potential to be the happiest season of my life!


Ali said...

So I hope my blog of outdoor amazingness doesn't depress you too much, however, at least you don't have to worry about sweaty baby heads in carseats all summer! no fun!!!

and I am also thrilled to see you this summer :)

Krystal and Bruce said...

BEST SUMMER EVER!!!! trust me! it will rock!! =] i'm super excited too!!

newsinaminute said...

cute bike--what a bargain--too
and she looks like the look on her face is so content--sorry that look has to come at the sacrifice of you having her underfoot--oh the things mom's do--you're nice like that--