Thursday, April 15, 2010

very scientific of me

After Christmas, something attacked the skin under Brad's eye.
The doctor looked at it and said "I don't know?"
Antibiotics didn't work, a cream or a pill.
(I won't rant about the Dr. giving Brad antibiotics unnecessarily)
(Nor will I rant about my lecture I gave Brad to NOT take the unnecessary medicine)
I will say, yet again, that Tea Tree Oil saved the day!
After two weeks, significant improvement.
His eye is healing quite nicely now doing tea tree oil and a moisturizing cream.

The difference between Brad and I when it comes to medical attention:
I'll do anything to avoid a trip to the doctor and more medicine.
Though being asthmatic, I am medicated daily and see a doctor regularly.
Brad willingly goes to the doctor and takes medicine.
He's usually quite healthy, minus those dang headaches and dizzy spells.

Brad says, as he reads this over my shoulder:
"That picture is a little dramatic, don't you think?"
"You didn't mention that the tea tree oil makes me feel like I lit my eye on fire!"
"It's getting better, but it's not completely healed yet!"


The Finlinsons said...

oh...that's kind of gross. What's tea tree oil? Tyson's family does a lot of herbal things before going straight to doctor prescribed it like that?

Hebbie said...

when it comes to medicine in your eye, Kerri has a great fear. So Brad, take care of it properly!

Cierra said...

is that a real image of his eye???

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

You're just like me! I hate getting medicine from the doctors! And just recently Luka was pretty fussy one night so the next morning we took him to the doctors to see what the problem was and the doctor didn't know, he checked his ears and sadi well maybe there is an ear infection, but i don't really see one but he is some amoxicil just in case thats what it is. So of course I didn't give it to him, even though I went to the pharmacy and waited in line to get it lol. But Luka was fine, I think he just had a bad night. I've actually never had to give Luka medicine yet. They have prescribed me a few different things like tylenol and flonase and random things for him but I wait to see if he will really need it and he never has and he has always gotten better on his own. I do the same with myself when I get prescribed things. I pick them up and keep them in case I can't fight it on my own. Anyways I'm glad to hear that the tea tree oil is helping brad. It also helps pimples and things like that. i <3 tea tree! btw. i am aware that i just wrote you the longest comment in history!

Brianne said...

that's cool that you found something to heal his eye. That stinks brad that it has to hurt so bad. Keep praying that it'll get better. Is this the first infection that brad has had? I had the worst canker on my tounge the other day. It was seriously so painful! I finally gave in and just put alum on it and it went away in a couple days. I know how those yucky times are. The eye is probably worse than a canker but I know how you feel. Just remember bob says "If you fake it you don't have it!"